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Visual Meteor Observation

The Observatory at Montsevelier (Val Terbi), Jura is part of the observational network of the Fachgruppe Meteorastronomie (FMA), a Section of the Swiss Astronomical Society (SAS). The FMA is concerned with the meteoroids that generate a trace (Meteor) during the collision with the Earth's atmosphere and has the goal to systematically observe these meteors (visual and electronic) and generate scientific data.

The results of our monitoring work can be found on the results page of the FMA.

Currently in our observatory are seven WATEC WAT-902H2 ULTIMATE 1/2 "cameras in use.

Cameras VTE-1 - VTE-7

With this system, we are able to cover nearly the entire sky.

Field of view of the different cameras

The most recent pictures are displayed automatically during the night on our Meteor Observation page.