Observatory Montsevelier, Val Terbi

Welcome to the website of the private operated geophysical observatory in Montsevelier, Val Terbi.

We measure and document a variety of natural geophysical processes and phenomena. Together with our partner stations, we use the potential of non-government networks to harness Open Data for digital transformation and social innovation.

On our site you will find real-time data of all our instruments as well as further information about our different fields of activity.

Weather Data from 22.10.2020, 11:51 CEST

Temperature (2m):17.8 °C
Air pressure (QFF):
1017.2 hPa
-0.3 hPa/1h
Dew point:11.1 °C
Air humidity:65 % (9.9 g/m³)
Wind speed / Gusts:
Wind direction:
1.4 km/h / 1.6 km/h
Precipitation last hour:0.0 mm
Global- / UV radiation:230 W/m² / 0.9 UV-I
All weather data from Montsevelier

Live Webcam

Webcam Montsevelier (Val Terbi), Jura

South view, direction Mont Raimeux

Weather of the past 24 hours

past 24 hours 22.10.2020 11:51 CEST - All weather data from Montsevelier

Lightning overview Switzerland

Gewitter Schweiz

20.10.2020 16:37 CEST - more data

Earthquake - 12h Seismogram local

12h Seismogramm 200SPS

22.10.2020 09:50 UTC - 0.5Hz to 1Hz - more data

Earthquake - 12h Seismogram teleseismic

12h Seismogramm 1SPS

22.10.2020 09:50 UTC - 0.033Hz to 0.1Hz - more data

Infrassound - 24h overview

24h Infraschall

22.10.2020 09:49 UTC - more data

Geomagnetic field - intraday

Geomagnetic field - Simple Aurora Monitor

22.10.2020 09:52 UTC - more data

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