Observatory Montsevelier, Val Terbi

Welcome to the website of the private geophysical observatory in Montsevelier, Val Terbi. We deal with the natural phenomena and processes of the earth and its environment. In doing so, we record various geophysical data and publish them on our website. Our website is being constantly expanded and updated.

Weather Data from 19.06.2018, 20:09 CEST

Temperature (2m):22.8 °C
Air pressure (QFF):
1020.9 hPa
-0.1 hPa/1h
Dew point:16.6 °C
Air humidity:68 % (13.83 g/m³)
Wind speed / Gusts:
Wind direction:
1.8 km/h / 3.2 km/h
Precipitation last hour:0.0 mm
Global- / UV radiation:98 W/m² / 0.0 UV-I
All weather data from Montsevelier

Live Webcam

Webcam Montsevelier (Val Terbi), Jura

South view, direction Mont Raimeux

Weather of the past 24 hours

past 24 hours 19.06.2018 20:11 CEST - All weather data from Montsevelier

Lightning overview Switzerland

Gewitter Schweiz

19.06.2018 20:05 CEST - more data

Earthquake - 12h Seismogram local

12h Seismogramm 200SPS

19.06.2018 18:12 UTC - 0.5Hz to 1Hz - more data

Earthquake - 12h Seismogram teleseismic

12h Seismogramm 1SPS

19.06.2018 18:12 UTC - 0.033Hz to 0.1Hz - more data

Infrassound - 24h overview

24h Infraschall

19.06.2018 18:10 UTC - more data

Geomagnetic field - intraday

Geomagnetic field - Simple Aurora Monitor

19.06.2018 18:14 UTC - more data

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